Five days to go!

Our next spotlight as we countdown to Deadlocked, is Isaac.

Although they met under rather unusual circumstances and they have a unique relationship, Harry and Isaac have become friends. For his part, Isaac is enjoying the freedom to be himself for the first time in centuries.


Deadlocked – Excerpt

I think I was still smiling stupidly when I arrived back upstairs.  Luckily, Isaac was too busy puttering around the kitchen to notice.  It had been several months since Isaac moved in, but I still found it a little weird to see a vampire in an apron.  You usually don’t associate vamps with homey domesticity, but Isaac loved to cook.  He was a real foodie, but his specialty was dessert.  His excessive baking was the whole reason I had decided to open the coffee shop.

Deadlocked is available for download on June 6, 2016. Pre-order your copy today!
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