Only four days left!

It’s Tess’ turn as the countdown to Deadlocked continues.

Tess is Harry’s BFF. The two were raised like sisters from a young age.

Best described as a Hispanic spit-fire, people are often fooled by her diminutive size, but you should never underestimate a werewolf.

grey wolf Tess

Deadlocked – Excerpt

The three men looked at me, clearly confused by my lack of cooperation, and then Tess stepped out from the doorway.  “Certainly, Harry,” she said with a smile.

The goons took one look at all five foot three of her and burst out laughing.

“That’s your back up?” Goon A guffawed.  “Oh, I’m soooo scared.”  He turned to share a laugh with his buddies and then turned back to face Tess.  “Careful sweetheart, you might break a nail.  Now quit fucking around and give me the ca-”

With lightning quick, werewolf speed, Tess was in front of the goon, her knee delivering a blow to his groin that would probably leave him choking on his own testicles for a week.

Deadlocked is available for download on June 6, 2016. Pre-order your copy today!
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