Mind Reader

You don’t have to be clairvoyant to take a look into my thought process for Hell to Pay.

As our countdown to release day continues (just three weeks!), why not take a look at my Pinterest Hell to Pay Prop Gallery? I’ve pinned some of the clothes, props and other items relevant to Harry’s latest adventure there.


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Looking for Romance?

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Hell to Pay – Another Sneak Peek


The countdown continues. Six weeks to go until the release of Hell to Pay! Here’s another sneak peek. Enjoy!

Hell to Pay – Excerpt

“There is a matter, however, that does require your cooperation and possibly your particular talents,” Salvador continued.
Ah, here we go.  The other shoe just dropped.
“I’m all ears.”  I leaned back in my chair and signalled to the waiter with my empty glass.  I had a feeling I was going to need another drink.
The waiter came, quickly replacing my glass with one that held a generous inch of tequila.  Salvador waved him off impatiently.
“You have heard of this new club, Wishes?”  Salvador paused, continuing at my nod.  “You will visit this establishment, observe, and report back to me.”
“That’s it?”
“I think you will find that is enough.  I feel this establishment is much more than it seems.  Take your wolf if you would like, and Maxwell Hart has agreed to accompany you.”
Surprised, I looked at Tomas.  The last time I had to go somewhere sketchy, he had been sent to babysit me.
Seeing my glance at Tomas, Salvador shook his head.  “Alas, young Tomas will not be able to assist in this endeavour.  Neither, might I add, will our friend Isaac.”
“Why not?”
Tomas scowled.  “The place is crawling with norms and mutts,” he said, using the derogatory vampire term for werewolves, “but no vampire has been able to enter.  There’s dirty magic involved, a barrier of some sort.”
“Magic!”  No wonder Max was going to join me on my little field trip.  If there was a rogue involved, it was the Coven’s responsibility to handle it.  They had a lot of face to save after the whole DiCastro incident.  “Max is better suited to the job.  I don’t see what you need me for.”
“There is something in the air, my dear Harry.  A shift.”
I started forward in my seat at Salvador’s words.  It couldn’t be coincidence that I had heard that word again.  “I’ll do it,” I replied with a sigh.

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Dancing in the Snow

This winter has been a snowy one.  We’ve received a lot of the white stuff. I live in the prairies of Canada and snow is a given for this time of year (and will stick around for months) so we are used to it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t complain.

Someone isn’t complaining though, these guys (while they don’t live in my part of Canada) decided to make the most of it. You might have seen this somewhere before. I had this entry all ready to go a month ago and forgot to schedule it. I decided to post it anyway because I just get a kick out these guys. Hope this helps your winter blues!

Shout out to the Maritime Bhangra Group. You rock!