When the Spirit Moves You

My muse is a fickle…uh, {insert not nice word that my mother would disapprove of here}. After spending the last few months learning the ropes of marketing the two books I have currently published, I have been chomping at the bit to be writing again.


How people picture a writer’s muse

The ideas are whirring around in my head and although I had originally thought Harry’s story was a trilogy, it turns out there is more to tell. The story for book four is there.  In my head. The problem is, it won’t come out, or rather, it may be ready to come out, but another idea spoke louder, or was pushier and cut in line and got out first.


So now I find myself writing something completely different than I intended, but don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (well, maybe a little).  Writing is writing and I love it. I love thinking through the scenes, plotting them in my mind, listening to my characters speak to me and writing it all down.  I love how I can close my eyes and my characters come alive.  It’s like having the best TV show ever in my head, all the time.  Of course, that can also have a downside because it’s like having the best TV show ever in my head, all the time, like at 3 AM when I should be sleeping because I have to get up and go to work at my actual paying job (you know, the one that keeps a roof over my head and my kid’s hollow leg fed) so that I can have the leisure time to write about the TV show in my head.  Whew!

It doesn’t help that I’m a night owl and I get my best work done in the evening.  I can be
dead on my femy museet at 6pm but by 9pm? I’m wide awake and my muse is tapping me on the shoulder impatiently.  I can’t deny her. When the urge to write is there, I feel compelled to listen, frantically typing out the words in my head as if it will relieve the pressure. And, maybe in a way it does.  As the ideas take form and the words hit the paper, I’m freeing up space inside my brain for more ideas to grow.

So I’ll keep writing when the muse is upon me, even if it isn’t what I intended to be writing about.  I’m just grateful to be writing and have the chance to share my words with you.