Hell to Pay – Sneak Peek


Release day is drawing closer. The edits are complete and the final files will be ready soon. I’m getting excited to share Harry’s next adventure with you, so I thought I’d give you a sneak peek. Enjoy!

Hell to Pay – Excerpt

“You told him you’d do what?”  Tess laughed and gaped at me in amazement.
“I told him I would cook dinner.  What’s the big deal?  How hard can it be?”
“Harry, you’ve never cooked anything in your life.”
“Sure I have.”
“Macaroni and cheese from a box doesn’t count.”
I frowned at her.  She had a point.  “Well, I guess it’s about time I tried then, isn’t it?  Now are you going to help me find a recipe or not?  I still have to run to the grocery store.”
Perhaps I can be of some assistance?”
The computerized voice came from the speakers on the desk in the corner just as the screen blinked on, its now familiar animated robot waving at us from across the room.
“Bryce!  Where have you been?  No, scratch that.  I don’t want to know.”  Now that Bryce had unlimited, nearly instantaneous access to anywhere in the world the Internet could take him, he tended to disappear for long periods of time, more often than not surfing porn sites.  I didn’t need to hear a play-by-play of his latest stop.
I’m eager to hear how the GhostCam 3000 worked,” Bryce replied.
“The what?  Oh, the tablet app.  It worked great, didn’t it, Tess?”
“Yeah, it did.”
Cool.  I’m accessing the tablet now via the network so I can analyze the recording.”
“It recorded everything?” Tess looked surprised.  “So we can watch it again?”
“Can we skip the technical conversation right now and find me a recipe instead?”
The printer suddenly beeped and spit out a page.  I walked over and grabbed it.
Easy Chicken and Rice,” Bryce intoned, his computer voice taking on an accent that suspiciously sounded like Julia Child.  “It only has five ingredients and a difficulty rating of one spoon.  Even you should be able to handle it, Harry.”
“Gee, thanks.”  I bit my lip, peering over the instructions.  “Actually, this is great.  Thanks!”  I sat down beside Tess at the kitchen island and made a list.  The chicken was supposed to take an hour and I still had to go to the store.  I needed to get cracking.
“So now that Bryce has solved your cooking crisis, can we talk about something else?”  Tess turned to face me.
“Sure, as long as it doesn’t have anything to do with you moving out,” I replied, only half-joking.
Tess snorted and then pulled a green sheet of paper from the stack of mail that had been sitting on the counter.   “Did you see this?”  She shoved it towards me.
I looked at it with a puzzled frown.  It was a flyer advertising a new nightclub called Wishes.  “No.  I’ve never heard of it.”  I pushed the flyer back to Tess.
“I think we should go check it out.  There’s a two-for-one drink special every night this month,” she replied, tapping at the flyer.
“Sure, why not?  What’s the big deal?  Why are you acting weird about asking me to go to a club?”  It wasn’t like we had never been out dancing together before, and my dating Nash hadn’t changed anything.
Tess bit her lip and tapped the flyer again, this time pointing to the address listed at the bottom of the page.  I stared at it a moment, trying to figure out why it sounded familiar.
“Omigod!  Is that where I think it is?”
“If you’re thinking that it’s the same address as the warehouse where DiCastro tried to sacrifice you to the Egyptian god Osiris, then yes, it is.”
“They made it into a nightclub?  Who?  Who owns it?”
“I don’t know, but I heard from some of the guys at the gym that it’s been completely renovated and totally tricked out.  You won’t even recognize it.”  She clasped her hands under her chin and batted her best puppy-dog eyes at me.  “Puh-lease, Harry?  Can we go?”
I wrinkled my nose at the idea.  I didn’t particularly have fond memories of the place.  I still had the occasional nightmare about it.  “I don’t know.  I’ll think about it, okay?”
Satisfied with my answer, Tess nodded and hopped down off her stool.  “Great.  I’ve gotta go.  I promised Uncle Rigo I would inventory the new crossbow supplies tonight.”  She turned and waved on her way to the door.  “Good luck with your dinner, Harry.”  She gave me an impish grin.  “Don’t forget the fire extinguisher is under the sink.”
“Oh, ha-ha,” I replied, flipping her the bird.  “Just for that, I won’t save you any leftovers.”
“Promises, promises.”  Tess grinned at me again and then hurried out the door.

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Five days to go!

Our next spotlight as we countdown to Deadlocked, is Isaac.

Although they met under rather unusual circumstances and they have a unique relationship, Harry and Isaac have become friends. For his part, Isaac is enjoying the freedom to be himself for the first time in centuries.


Deadlocked – Excerpt

I think I was still smiling stupidly when I arrived back upstairs.  Luckily, Isaac was too busy puttering around the kitchen to notice.  It had been several months since Isaac moved in, but I still found it a little weird to see a vampire in an apron.  You usually don’t associate vamps with homey domesticity, but Isaac loved to cook.  He was a real foodie, but his specialty was dessert.  His excessive baking was the whole reason I had decided to open the coffee shop.

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Six days left!

Today’s spotlight as we countdown to the release of Deadlocked, is Bryce. I’ll let Harry explain Bryce, in her own words:


Deadlocked – Excerpt

Bryce was…well, Bryce was a ghost who happened to live in my computer.  A computer hacker and online security expert in life, in death he had chosen to hang around, somehow discovering a way to inhabit the World Wide Web via my old POS computer.  A POS, piece of shit, it was no more.  Thanks to Bryce and his offshore – probably illegally earned – funds, my computer had been upgraded beyond recognition.  I wasn’t going to complain though, since it meant I had access to more of the internet than probably Homeland Security did.

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Seven days until release!

As part of the countdown to Deadlocked‘s release, I’m re-introducing you to some of the main characters in Harry’s world. Today’s spotlight, Salvador.

Salvador Arroyo is the Magister or leader of the Cimmerian (pronounced Ki-MARE-ian). The most powerful vampire in town and a wealthy businessman in the norm community, he is the Kingpin of the underworld and has his fingers in a lot of pies.



Deadlocked – Excerpt

“Salvador, it’s rude to just let yourself into other people’s homes.”  I scowled at him and kicked off my shoes.  We have a bit of a difference of opinion as to the current ownership of the old firehall I call my home and place of business.  Salvador had signed it over to me, after buying it from the original owner, under duress I’m sure.  It had been part of a deal that unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control and totally orchestrated by Salvador, had fallen through.  We had renegotiated the terms, but despite having already given the deed for the building to me, Salvador still considered it his until our new deal’s conditions were met.  Since that meant it would be another six months before I was free and clear of him, I was not a happy camper.  It also meant that despite being a vampire and uninvited, Salvador could enter my home.  Damn vampire loopholes.

Deadlocked is available for download on June 6, 2016. Pre-order your copy today!
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Two For One

Available Today!

Two for One - small


Two for One – Excerpt

A shudder passed through Kimi’s body as she remembered the night before.  God, she needed to get laid.  Shaking her head, she grinned to herself at the thought and reached behind her back to find the pull cord attached to the zipper of her wetsuit.  The neoprene suit had been one of the best things she had packed when she left Honolulu.  Without it, she doubted if she could have continued her daily morning swim ritual; the water was just too cold on this side of the Pacific.  She tugged on the cord, cursing at the zipper which habitually got stuck.

“Hey there, need a hand with that?” The voice was deep and smooth.  Kimi turned in surprise and came face to face with the speaker’s Adam’s apple.  She looked up, shading her hand from the sun to see his face.  He was tall, lean and tanned, or maybe he just naturally had a darker skin tone.  He wore a day or two’s worth of whiskers, but they only helped to give him that sexy bad-boy look.  The crown of curly, blonde hair only added to the effect.

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YachtClub logo
Welcome to the Yacht Club – Vancouver’s exclusive BDSM club and best-kept secret – where few are asked to play, fewer still invited to stay.

Get your kink on with three short, spicy reads. Each sexy story brings a bit of ink, a lot of kink, topped with a hint of magic. Intended for a mature audience. Explicit language and content.



From the Heart - small

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Mmmmm Strawberries


Excerpt from Home Again

Allie watched as Mike bit into the tart.  His eyes widened, then closed for a second or two as he savoured the sweet, creamy treat.  “Oh, wow.  This is so good.”  Mike grinned and licked the corner of his mouth to get a bit of strawberry topping that was stuck there, before taking another bite.  Allie stared, mesmerized by his sensual mouth.  When he paused to take a swig of his milk, his eyes grinning at her, Allie blinked and looked away, embarrassed at getting caught daydreaming.  It was just that even his mouth was sexy.  She rushed and took a bite of her own tart.

When she dared to look at Mike again, his grin widened.  “Uh, you’ve got a little something…” He gestured at the corner of his own mouth.

Allie licked her lips, smacking them together.  “That better?”

“No,” replied Mike.  With a frown, Allie reached up to wipe the corner of her mouth with her finger.  She moved to suck her finger clean when Mike grabbed her wrist.  Their eyes met and Mike smiled mischievously.  He guided her hand to his mouth and delicately sucked the tip of her strawberry covered finger, caressing it with his tongue.  Allie’s breath caught in her throat as a shiver ran down her spine.  “Delicious,” Mike said with a grin.  “The tart was good too.”

Home Again
by Lisa Emme

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

strawberry tarts

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A Deal with the Devil

Awesome UF

Excerpt from Tooth and Claw

I was in hell.  Surely I must have died and I was in one of the nine circles of hell, the one where sinners go and have to sit through endless petitions from long-winded immortals who thought the small print on a legal contract was scintillating.  I was actually sitting in Dante’s Inferno, the nightclub, so the comparison was appropriate.

It was the night of my weekly visit to the Magister.  As an added bonus tonight, for some reason Salvador decided that I should accompany him while he held an audience with his vampire subjects.

I should have known that Salvador had something special in store, when Henry, the limo driver that picked me up each week, arrived with a familiar white box tied with a blood red bow, a sure sign that Salvador had been shopping for me again.  Since it was now part of our new agreement, I had no choice but to accept it.

I actually liked today’s selection, not that I hadn’t liked the previous McQueen dress.  I just wasn’t used to wearing clothes that cost more than three times my former monthly rent.  I didn’t have a clue how much this dress cost, probably not as much as the McQueen, but I’m sure it was up there, judging from the pearl and crystal embellishment that covered it.  The dress itself was an Alice & Olivia in white silk.  It had a high neck with a flare silhouette, the skirt coming to about mid-thigh.  The reverse cut out back left more bare skin than I was comfortable with when dealing with vampires, but I could live with it.  Or, at least I hoped I could.

So far, I had managed to keep from ruining it, like I had the last dress Salvador gave me.  And that was despite the fact that I had to take down a bitchy vampire intent on tearing out my throat.

Tooth and Claw – The Harry Russo Diaries, volume 2
by Lisa Emme

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vampire killing dress

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Harry’s Adventure Continues


Excerpt from Tooth and Claw 

I love churches.  There is something almost magical about them.  I don’t mean my kind of magic, I just mean something that makes them feel special.  Maybe it’s the calm and hushed voices, the reverence they make you feel.  Whatever the case, St. Anthony’s, with its gleaming stain glass windows, was one of my favourite churches in the city.

I was here for a funeral.  Well, I wasn’t actually here to attend the funeral; I was working.  Often, we get an order to provide flowers for a funeral service that the family would then like transported to the site of internment.  It meant I had to hang around until the end of the service and grab the flowers, then drive them to the cemetery.  We had been so busy lately, I had actually hired a delivery guy, but he was out making deliveries across town, so I was working this one.

Mourners were slowly beginning to trickle in and find seats.  I was standing to the side in one of the small chapels off the main nave, trying to be discreet and watching the ghost of the recently departed pace back and forth in front of his own coffin.  At least it wasn’t an open coffin.  I really don’t get that.   Why would you want to stare at a dead guy?  Did you need proof he was dead or something?

Tooth and Claw – The Harry Russo Diaries, volume 2
by Lisa Emme

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Tuesday Teaser

Dead and Kicking, the first instalment of The Harry Russo Diaries is coming out on October 2!  The countdown begins.  Pre-orders will be available starting at the end of the month.

Just a short one today….

chapter_scroll - for pdf

“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?  Surely not as frightening as meeting the Magister.”

I looked at Eleanor, remembering the wave of power I felt from her earlier, and replied, “I think you can be just as scary as the Magister when you want to.”

“Yes, of course dear.  It’s nice to know your grandmother didn’t raise a fool.”

Dead and Kicking, by Lisa Emme