Set Sail!

The Yacht Club is live today. I’m so excited to have these three sexy stories together under this fabulous new cover and to be able to offer them in print for the first time. If you like a steamy romance, you definitely should hop aboard and check out The Yacht Club.

Pax quote

Excerpt from The Yacht Club – Pax’s story, Peace and Quiet:

“It’s a long story.  One I’m more than willing to share.”  He leaned in close, his face brushing along hers, to whisper in her ear.  “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”  He pushed his bare arm against hers, making contact once again with the tattoo.  The picture forming in his mind had nothing to do with the exchange of information.

Pax gasped and then fixed him with a steely glare.  A second later, Tyler pushed himself away, his hands going instinctively to his groin.

“Now shortcake, that wasn’t a nice thought at all.”  He chuckled and shook his head.  She was as feisty as her red hair led you to believe.

Pax shrugged.  He should be thankful she just thought about kneeing him in the balls.


The Yacht Club is available now.

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Hell to Pay – Sneak Peek


Release day is drawing closer. The edits are complete and the final files will be ready soon. I’m getting excited to share Harry’s next adventure with you, so I thought I’d give you a sneak peek. Enjoy!

Hell to Pay – Excerpt

“You told him you’d do what?”  Tess laughed and gaped at me in amazement.
“I told him I would cook dinner.  What’s the big deal?  How hard can it be?”
“Harry, you’ve never cooked anything in your life.”
“Sure I have.”
“Macaroni and cheese from a box doesn’t count.”
I frowned at her.  She had a point.  “Well, I guess it’s about time I tried then, isn’t it?  Now are you going to help me find a recipe or not?  I still have to run to the grocery store.”
Perhaps I can be of some assistance?”
The computerized voice came from the speakers on the desk in the corner just as the screen blinked on, its now familiar animated robot waving at us from across the room.
“Bryce!  Where have you been?  No, scratch that.  I don’t want to know.”  Now that Bryce had unlimited, nearly instantaneous access to anywhere in the world the Internet could take him, he tended to disappear for long periods of time, more often than not surfing porn sites.  I didn’t need to hear a play-by-play of his latest stop.
I’m eager to hear how the GhostCam 3000 worked,” Bryce replied.
“The what?  Oh, the tablet app.  It worked great, didn’t it, Tess?”
“Yeah, it did.”
Cool.  I’m accessing the tablet now via the network so I can analyze the recording.”
“It recorded everything?” Tess looked surprised.  “So we can watch it again?”
“Can we skip the technical conversation right now and find me a recipe instead?”
The printer suddenly beeped and spit out a page.  I walked over and grabbed it.
Easy Chicken and Rice,” Bryce intoned, his computer voice taking on an accent that suspiciously sounded like Julia Child.  “It only has five ingredients and a difficulty rating of one spoon.  Even you should be able to handle it, Harry.”
“Gee, thanks.”  I bit my lip, peering over the instructions.  “Actually, this is great.  Thanks!”  I sat down beside Tess at the kitchen island and made a list.  The chicken was supposed to take an hour and I still had to go to the store.  I needed to get cracking.
“So now that Bryce has solved your cooking crisis, can we talk about something else?”  Tess turned to face me.
“Sure, as long as it doesn’t have anything to do with you moving out,” I replied, only half-joking.
Tess snorted and then pulled a green sheet of paper from the stack of mail that had been sitting on the counter.   “Did you see this?”  She shoved it towards me.
I looked at it with a puzzled frown.  It was a flyer advertising a new nightclub called Wishes.  “No.  I’ve never heard of it.”  I pushed the flyer back to Tess.
“I think we should go check it out.  There’s a two-for-one drink special every night this month,” she replied, tapping at the flyer.
“Sure, why not?  What’s the big deal?  Why are you acting weird about asking me to go to a club?”  It wasn’t like we had never been out dancing together before, and my dating Nash hadn’t changed anything.
Tess bit her lip and tapped the flyer again, this time pointing to the address listed at the bottom of the page.  I stared at it a moment, trying to figure out why it sounded familiar.
“Omigod!  Is that where I think it is?”
“If you’re thinking that it’s the same address as the warehouse where DiCastro tried to sacrifice you to the Egyptian god Osiris, then yes, it is.”
“They made it into a nightclub?  Who?  Who owns it?”
“I don’t know, but I heard from some of the guys at the gym that it’s been completely renovated and totally tricked out.  You won’t even recognize it.”  She clasped her hands under her chin and batted her best puppy-dog eyes at me.  “Puh-lease, Harry?  Can we go?”
I wrinkled my nose at the idea.  I didn’t particularly have fond memories of the place.  I still had the occasional nightmare about it.  “I don’t know.  I’ll think about it, okay?”
Satisfied with my answer, Tess nodded and hopped down off her stool.  “Great.  I’ve gotta go.  I promised Uncle Rigo I would inventory the new crossbow supplies tonight.”  She turned and waved on her way to the door.  “Good luck with your dinner, Harry.”  She gave me an impish grin.  “Don’t forget the fire extinguisher is under the sink.”
“Oh, ha-ha,” I replied, flipping her the bird.  “Just for that, I won’t save you any leftovers.”
“Promises, promises.”  Tess grinned at me again and then hurried out the door.

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What’s in a Name?

No, I’m not going to go all Shakespeare on you. I am going to let you in on a secret though. There’s going to be Hell to Pay.

Uh…no, not that.



That’s right, Harry’s fourth book is in the works and now it has a name. Hell to Pay will be available in the new year. Cover reveal coming soon!

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What’s in a Name?

Have you read Deadlocked yet? If not, you might want to skip this post because it contains a little bit of a spoiler. If you have read Harry’s latest adventure already or you don’t care if I spill the beans and tell you the name of Harry’s new business venture then read on.


Still with me? Great! So, as you know, Harry is opening up a coffee shop. In Deadlocked we get to see a lot of the preparations involved and although there is definitely a bit of Brownie magic going on to help things move smoothly, Harry is hands on.

There is one point in the story where the question of what Harry is going to call the coffee shop comes up and since I’m a ‘pantser’ when it comes to writing, like Harry I was at a loss as to what to call it. And, like Harry, I just kept going, hoping I’d find inspiration. And I did…at the exact moment that Harry did. It was almost magical.

I’m sure every writer feels it at one point or another, that moment when everything just clicks and you feel totally connected to your character(s). That’s what had happened to me. I was on a roll, writing the scene, the dialogue was flowing and suddenly like a light bulb going off above our collective heads, Harry and I came up with the name for the coffee shop. It was perfect and I’m sure I could only have come up with it in that moment. If Isaac and Morris hadn’t been arguing about coffee condiments, if Isaac wasn’t the food snob he was, it wouldn’t have happened. And so, the Full Fat Coffee Company was born. If you want to know the whole story behind the name, I guess you’ll just have to read the book (if you haven’t already).


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Five days to go!

Our next spotlight as we countdown to Deadlocked, is Isaac.

Although they met under rather unusual circumstances and they have a unique relationship, Harry and Isaac have become friends. For his part, Isaac is enjoying the freedom to be himself for the first time in centuries.


Deadlocked – Excerpt

I think I was still smiling stupidly when I arrived back upstairs.  Luckily, Isaac was too busy puttering around the kitchen to notice.  It had been several months since Isaac moved in, but I still found it a little weird to see a vampire in an apron.  You usually don’t associate vamps with homey domesticity, but Isaac loved to cook.  He was a real foodie, but his specialty was dessert.  His excessive baking was the whole reason I had decided to open the coffee shop.

Deadlocked is available for download on June 6, 2016. Pre-order your copy today!
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Six days left!

Today’s spotlight as we countdown to the release of Deadlocked, is Bryce. I’ll let Harry explain Bryce, in her own words:


Deadlocked – Excerpt

Bryce was…well, Bryce was a ghost who happened to live in my computer.  A computer hacker and online security expert in life, in death he had chosen to hang around, somehow discovering a way to inhabit the World Wide Web via my old POS computer.  A POS, piece of shit, it was no more.  Thanks to Bryce and his offshore – probably illegally earned – funds, my computer had been upgraded beyond recognition.  I wasn’t going to complain though, since it meant I had access to more of the internet than probably Homeland Security did.

Deadlocked is available for download on June 6, 2016. Pre-order your copy today!
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