Tuesday Teaser

Here’s another little glimpse into what awaits you in Harry’s world….


“Are those…?”  Tess’s voice trailed off in disbelief.

“Zombies.”  I shook my head.  It couldn’t be true, but it was.  They were in various stages of decomposition, their skin ashen grey, their clothes torn and tattered.  They moved mindlessly, following the single imperative of the one who called them from the grave, scratching and clawing at anything in their way….

Dead and Kicking by Lisa Emme

Tuesday Teaser

Here is a little teaser for your Tuesday reading enjoyment.  I think this one sums up Harry to a tee.  She has a wry wit and can think on her feet.  And, as she is wont to say, she can take care of herself.


…I crept as quietly as I could, but it was pretty much a given that I couldn’t hide from a vampire’s amped up hearing or sense of smell.  When I reached the end of the wall dividing the hall and the kitchen, I started to peek around the corner only to be abruptly grabbed and thrown against the wall.

“Gaak!”  I said.  Hey, you try talking when a six foot goon with the strength of a vampire has his arm cross your windpipe.

Tomas had pinned my knife hand as well as my throat.  He grinned at me smugly.  I could see Salvador lounging unconcerned across the room.  My vision began to blur from the lack of oxygen as I let my knees give out a little, shifting more of my weight onto his arm.  Surprised, he loosened his grip enough that I was able to take a rasping breath.  I quickly brought my knee up to his groin as hard as I could.  It was satisfying to know that whatever he was, he still felt it when he got one in the ‘nads.  Tomas let go of my arm and I slid down the wall.  Unwilling to hope that a shot to the junk was enough to keep him down, I followed through with a quick punch to his throat.  He fell to one knee and I sprang away…

Dead and Kicking, by Lisa Emme

A Teaser for Tuesday!

So, I haven’t actually said much about my upcoming release. Dead and Kicking is the first book in my Urban Fantasy trilogy The Harry Russo Diaries.  I hope to have it released on October 1st.  Pre-ordering will be available soon.  In the meantime, here is your very first teaser……(drum roll)……


“There’s a vampire sleeping in our storage closet.”

Dead and Kicking, by Lisa Emme



That’s all you’re getting….for now 🙂