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Stop by the SIA page to check out the latest interview with Indie Author Mangalam Shiva. Mangalam is from India where he has retired to the quiet coastal town of Pondicherry. His anthology of short stories, Empty Fists, reflects on the different aspects of life faced by every individual – love, friendship, struggle, even loss.

Find out more in An Interview with Mangalam Shiva.

Dead and Kicking Now Available!

lisaemme_deadandkicking_ebook_finalwhitespaceThe day has finally arrived!  It has been an exciting countdown (for me at least).  Thanks for being there with me.

If you don’t have your copy of Dead and Kicking yet, what are you waiting for?  It’s available for download from most major online retailers. If you prefer a print copy, it is available for purchase on Amazon, Createspace and now Chapters!

So you have your copy and you loved it.  Yay!  What now?  How about leaving a review on one of the major online retailers or on Goodreads?  Reviews go a long way to help promote my book.  So tell a friend, write a review, pretend to read it on public transportation while chuckling loudly, any attention you can bring to my book helps.

Reviews can be made at the following retailers:

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While you wait for your copy of Dead and Kicking to arrive, why not check out fellow indie author, Brittney Sahin.  Her first book, Silenced Memories, is available now.


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Brittney describes herself as a “Former history teacher. Mother of a spunky toddler. Lover of all books–but especially loves romance, suspense, and thrillers.”  When she’s not writing or reading, she’s spending time with her family and enjoying the great outdoors in North Carolina.