An Interview with Veronica DelRosa

Welcome Veronica!  Thanks for joining us.

Tell us a little about yourself.  Did you always want to be a writer?
V: I’m a self-professed computer geek who loves sci-fi and comedy shows. I’m also teaching my son how to be a proper geek. 😉 And yes, I always wanted to be a writer. I used to write stories when I was a kid and kept a journal, though, I shudder to read them now. Purple prose had nothing on me! Talk about melodrama, especially once it turned to my teen years. In my late teens, my parents paid for a correspondence writing course for me and I learned a fair bit about writing, grammar, and etc.  Seems most of it disappeared out of my head though. My editor is my favourite person ever.

Do you have a favourite character or a character that has been very difficult to write?
V: My favourite is, hands down, Markus. He’s powerful, mysterious, a little bit of a jerk, and sarcastic. I fell in love with him the moment I set him to the page. He won’t have his own story until the next series which will be all about him. I tried to write one book about him and it turns out he’s a chatty bugger who wanted more book time. As for a difficult character to write, that would be Dawn. I lost her voice when I got to her book and I butchered her personality at first.  I went back to the first book and read over her passages over and over again. Now, she shines.

Are you a planner or a pantser when it comes to writing?
V: I’m kind of a hybrid. The plots are generally created as I go, and I don’t outline much. I find that it stifles me because I try too hard to follow the outline even if something shows me I shouldn’t. However I do need to write down all the major plot points to hit. For instance, I’ll have a note *have werewolf fight after they leave train station. It lets me write the scene without forcing it, but I know where I’m heading. I also have several notebooks that have the major plot points for each book, including ones that won’t be written for a year or more.

Is there a book or author that made a lasting impression on you?
V: Hmm, I’ve read so many books over the years and quite a few authors have made an impression on me. If we were talking traditional publishing, then it would be Elaine Cunningham. She’s written several novels for Forgotten Realms which is a D&D based universe. Her books had it all, romance, action, mystery, and excitement. It showed me that I didn’t have to stick to just romance, even though that’s what I love. My writing ended up a hybrid of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. As for indie publishing, it would be a tie between Jen Winters and Heather R. Blair. I love their stories and the worlds they have created.  Jen Winters’ has a theme of redemption woven throughout her stories, one that give you hope. Heather R. Blair twists your heart before the happily ever after and makes you ache for more.  They both remind me to keep striving to write better stories.

Here’s a few fun quick-answer questions: 

  • Coke or Pepsi? Neither, I’m a water kind of girl. I actually dislike most pop.
  • McDonalds or Burger King? Burger King, but I prefer Harvey’s.
  • Coffee or Tea? Tea
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
  • Tim’s or Starbucks? I don’t drink coffee, but Timmie’s!
  • Cake or Pie? Can’t I have both? Okay, fine, pie.

Author Profile

Huddled in bed, light streaming through the window from a nearby baseball field, I’d stay up past my bedtime to read. My parents eventually gave up on stopping me as I was (and still am) obsessive about reading. Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror are the genres I enjoy. After much research (that’s what I’ll call my voracious need to read) and many attempts at writing, I finally had a story that spoke to me. A paranormal romance series where each set of characters have their own HEA with no cliffhangers. My life has been filled with moves to new towns and cities, changing jobs every few years due to my need for challenges. Writing as been the most challenging and the most rewarding.


Magic Resistant

magic resistant fb sizeFirst in the Enforcers and Coterie series, each one is a standalone book delving deeper into a world where magic co-exists peacefully with the ordinary, for the most part…

Julia Hill doesn’t have time for men. Life’s complicated enough as a Mage Enforcer keeping the peace in the magical community. And letting someone get too close to her could expose her secret, one that carries an automatic death sentence.
Jackson Thorne’s a fugitive, blamed for summoning and losing control of a demon. A frame job, he swears, but all the evidence points to his guilt. Nowhere to turn and only a handful of friends to rely on, he must evade the Enforcers pursuing him.
Kidnapped by Jackson, Julia falls deeper under his spell. Escape from him seems impossible when her body doesn’t want to go, but can she trust him?
More is going on than either realizes. Unraveling the evidence against Jackson reveals a darker, more twisted conspiracy: enslavement, deadly hunts and forbidden rituals. Will they uncover the truth before it incites a bloody civil war?

Available on KoboAmazon and Barnes & Noble

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