How Do You Choose?

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Two for One – Excerpt

She stood in the dark – at least it was dark with the blindfold on – unmoving except for the thumping of her heart.  The air in the room was on the cool side and she felt her skin pebble with goosebumps.  The anticipation of what would happen next was killing her.  She flinched at a sudden scraping sound off to the left and she cocked her head towards it.  It was silent for a moment and then she heard the murmuring of the two men speaking, followed by the chiming sound of metal on metal.  She frowned to herself.  Were they trying to put her on edge?  If they were, it was working.

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Welcome to the Yacht Club – Vancouver’s exclusive BDSM club and best-kept secret – where few are asked to play, fewer still invited to stay.

Get your kink on with three short, spicy reads. Each sexy story brings a bit of ink, a lot of kink, topped with a hint of magic. Intended for a mature audience. Explicit language and content.



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