Set Sail

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Welcome to the Yacht Club – Vancouver’s exclusive BDSM club and best-kept secret – where few are asked to play, fewer still invited to stay.

Get your kink on with three short, spicy reads. Each sexy story brings a bit of ink, a lot of kink, topped with a hint of magic. Intended for a mature audience. Explicit language and content.

Two for One – Book 2

A vicious killer is on the loose and preying on women.  Has he made the Yacht Club part of his new hunting ground? 

Two for One - small
Far from home, Kimi Jones is on the hunt for a predator and she’ll stop at nothing to get her man.  On leave from the Honolulu homicide unit, Jones tracks her quarry to Vancouver, where she learns of a secret club called the Yacht Club.

Determined to find and stop the ruthless sexual sadist, Kimi isn’t above bending a few laws to do it.  But when she encounters a sexy stranger on the beach and a one-night stand turns into more than she bargained for, will Kimi be able to keep her own secrets?


Available for pre-order now on Amazon.  Release day – May 2!


nipped her lips



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