Luck of the Irish

happy st pats

Well, hoist a green beer and kiss me, I’m Irish. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, the one day of the year where EVERYONE seems to be Irish.  Although, Emme doesn’t sound particularly Irish, there is a bit of Irish in me and I have to admit to a fondness for all things Celtic. I guess that’s why the two main characters of the Harry Russo Diaries have Celtic names.

In fact, Harry’s family, despite the less than Irish last name (Gran married an Italian? There’s got to be a story there) all have Celtic names.  There’s Gran, whose name is Aislin (pronounced ‘Ash-lin’) and Harry’s mom’s name was Deirdre, another traditional Irish name.  Of course Harry, whose real name is Angharad, also has a very Celtic name (although it’s more Welsh than Irish). Salvador even comments on it in Dead and Kicking. And let’s not forget our favourite growly police detective Cian (pronounced ‘Kee-an’) Nash.  He’s a handsome Irish rogue, if ever there was one.

DK small version coverExcerpt from Dead and Kicking:

“So, do tell me Miss Harry Russo, how does a lovely, young lady such as yourself come to be called Harry?”  Salvador looked at me with reappraising eyes.  “Surely it must be short for something?  Harriet perhaps?  Although in truth, I don’t think that is much better.  No, something else then.  Hermoine?”

“It’s Angharad, but please, everyone calls me Harry.  I – ”

“Angharad!  How delightful.  You never hear the old names anymore.”  He turned to look at Nash.  “Why Cian, we have another Celt in our midst.” He laughed heartily like it was some great joke then raised his glass.  “Slainte! Salud!”

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