Fun Friday

I saw Jurassic World recently. It was entertaining, although I tend to be easily entertained and not known to be that picky with my movies. I go to a movie almost every week, so you can take a few risks. Anyway, I enjoyed Jurassic World. Too bad Chris Pratt was the straight man in the movie, I much preferred his wise-cracking character from Guardians of the Galaxy.


Other than that, the movie pretty much delivered everything thing I expected. One surprise though was the real star of the show – the Mosasaur, otherwise known as the T-Rex of the sea. Manitoba, the province where I live, was once completely underwater and so the Mosasaur was king in these parts. There was a fun article recently online about the movie vs the real Mosasaurs found in Manitoba:

Movie vs Manitoba Mosasaurs

The velociraptor had a bit of a starring role as well. After watching the movie, I don’t think this is a particularly good idea 😉

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