My friend Google

I follow some of my favourite authors on their various forms of media.  I enjoy getting updates from them.  Often they are letting their readers know about their latest research trip.  Caving in South America, pub hopping across Europe, a safari in Africa….it’s all so exciting, and of course, totally out of my budget.  Luckily, my first book is set in a generic city that could be anywhere in Canada or the northern U.S. and more importantly, Google is my friend.

Need to know how to swear in Spanish?  

Google it.  

Need to know how to prepare scallops?  

Google it.  

How about how to make a really good cup of coffee using a commercial coffee maker?  Or, how to escape a choke hold?  What do bogles look like? What would be a good knife to have in fight?  What type of gun?  

Google has the answer for everything.

An entertaining result of all this googling, is the ads that now jump up on all the web pages I look at.  Since ads on a lot of websites are are actually targeted to you specifically based on recent Google search history, I am getting the weirdest assortment of ads.  As far as Google is concerned, I’m a knife and gun enthusiast who needs lessons in self-defence and gourmet cooking, who wants to buy a commercial coffee machine and is planning a trip to Spain.  Of course we are talking about the internet here, so I imagine there are way worse things to be.


Lisa 🙂

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