Registering my Copyright – Another small step….

Although some would argue it an unnecessary step, I registered the copyright on my upcoming series.  So why do some think it is unnecessary?

In Canada (and the U.S.), you automatically hold the copyright to any original work you produce. You can’t copyright an idea or a title; only the written expression of your idea. Basically, once it’s down on paper (or computer) it’s yours.  No registration necessary.

So why bother?

Just because you hold the copyright, proving your claim may be another story without proper evidence. Often it boils down to a case of “their word against yours”. Without proper protection, work that you have created, could end up making money for someone else.  Registering your copyright makes it that much easier to prove that the work is yours.  If the infringement happens in the U.S. and you end up in court there, it can also mean the difference between being able to collect statutory damages or just actual damages.

The real reason I did it?  I got a really cool certificate:


Actually, I didn’t know you even received a certificate for your registration (must have missed that in the fine print on the website), so I was pleasantly surprised today to open my mail.  I have to admit, it made me feel a little verklempt.  I’m one step (tiny, baby one) closer.


3 thoughts on “Registering my Copyright – Another small step….

    • I actually read that sending yourself your manuscript and then not opening the envelope as proof of when you wrote it does not stand up in court. Sorry I don’t have any links to the articles but if you search online you will find it I’m sure. Thanks for your comment!

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