10 thoughts on “Urban Fantasy

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  5. I LOVE this series! Will there b more books for harry? I think i already asked u but i can’t remember your answer๐Ÿ™€


    • Thanks Kathleen! Yes, I’m working on book four right now (and loving how it is coming together). Look for it next year. If you subscribe to my mailing list you’ll get all the news first. Just go to my main page and click ‘Sign Me Up’


  6. I am DYING for book 6 in the Harry Russo Series. Please tell me it is in the works!? This series is definitely one of my favorites!!


    • Hi. Sorry for the late response. I didn’t see this comment for some reason. I can’t promise when or if there will be a book six. I will say that I think Tess might have a story or two of her own to tell. Thanks for your interest. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed Harry’s adventures.


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