Welcome to my stop on the Pub Crawl (Blog Hop) and welcome to The Lodge. You should count yourself lucky because very few outsiders, especially norms such as yourselves, are allowed entry to the Werewolf Pack’s party headquarters.

For newcomers to my blog, I would like to invite you into the world of Harry Russo, a twenty-something witch with a peculiar affinity for the dead that gets her into all sorts of trouble.

The Lodge figures prominently in book one, Dead and Kicking, when Harry and her friends are invited to the infamous bar and, at first, it’s not quite what they expected:

The Lodge quote 2

But there’s a secret hidden behind the tired facade of The Lodge, which it turns out is merely a front for the real party central – the Ice House.  A place where you can let your proverbial hair down and party like an animal, the Ice House has something for everyone: Cheap booze, top forty dance tunes, billiards, darts, and a clientele that just wants to party.


So, step into Harry’s world and enjoy her adventures. There are four books currently available in the series (number five is in the works). And, while you’re visiting The Lodge don’t forget to try the famous stew and to drink, I’d recommend the Blood Red Moon (recipe below).

HRD series header blog

Hell to Pay, the newest release in the Harry Russo Diaries, and all of Harry’s other adventures are available at your favourite online retailer.

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April 24th: Romarin Demetri– Seven’s Pub and Plundery
April 25th: Lesley Donaldson— Bath and Barrel in London of The Queen’s Viper
April 26th: Debbie Manber Kupfer– Victor’s Dining Hall in London P.A.W.S.
April 27th: K. L Roth– K.L.’s Pub in The world of Royal Lies
April 28th: Lisa Emme– The Lodge and Ice House
April 29th: Lilly Luchesi– Crowley’s Pub in the Paranormal Detectives Series

VISIT THE EVENT PAGE for more information.

Join me on the Facebook event page on April 30th for the Hangover Party. I’ll be taking over the page between 12:30pm and 1pm (EST).

You can send tweets through the rafflecopter form every day until the contest closes for extra entries. Any link you need will be posted in the description of the main image in the Facebook event. You have until May 1st to visit all of the daily stops. Hope to see you there!

13 thoughts on “Sláinte!

  1. I am definitely going to make Blood Red Moon this summer, I love orange and tequila! I am also going to check out your books, I need a good read for the summer!

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