Mmmmm, the Baking


I’m counting down to Christmas with some of my favourite things about the season. Today it’s the baking.

Yum, yum! Who doesn’t love all the food that is prepared at this time of year? If your family is like mine, there are probably some treats that are only made for special occasions, maybe only at Christmas. When I was a kid, my favourite was a slice that I only knew as Christmas slice, probably because that was the only time of year it was ever made. It wasn’t until years later, when I was living on my own and looking for the recipe, that I learned they were actually called Nanaimo Bars (if you are going to try this recipe, I substitute pecans for the walnuts).


Talk about decadence – buttery, creamy goodness sandwiched between a layer of sweet chocolate and a nutty, chocolate coconut base.  Good thing calories don’t count at Christmas, do they?

How about you? Do you have a favourite treat for the holidays?


4 thoughts on “Mmmmm, the Baking

  1. Our families Christmas staples are, Shortbread cookies for the daughter, Candycane cookies for the son, and Thimble cookies because everybody enjoys them. Anything else is made depending on time. Today is my baking day. There will be homemade cookies for my afternoon coffee.

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      • I have cut down on the baking since the kids left home. The daughter helps with some of it too. I also want to make Butter tarts and Gingerbread today. I don’t bake often anymore so once I get started, look out 🙂

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