Peace, Baby

Peace and Quiet - small

Available May 23

No, it’s not a flashback to the 70’s.  Peace, or rather Pax, is the unusual name of my latest heroine in the soon to be released third book of the Yacht Club series.  Peace and Quiet will be available for download on May 23rd so if you haven’t checked out the other two novellas in the Yacht Club series, now would be a great time to catch up.

Pax quote

Peace and Quiet 

Pax Lightfoot’s name means peace, but peace is hard to come by these days.  Born with the gift to hear the thoughts of others, Pax struggles to make it from day to day without losing her mind – until she meets Tyler that is.  Tyler is an oasis of calm in a sea of chaos and Pax finds herself drawn to him.  He’s more than she ever imagined, but is she enough for him?

Tyler enjoys the single life.  As a member of the exclusive Yacht Club, Vancouver’s most elite invitation-only BDSM club, he has his pick of playmates, all of which share in his particular kind of kink.  So why is he attracted to the fiery little red-head?  She may have curves in all the right places, but her sweet and innocent demeanor screams vanilla.

Can these two opposites attract?

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