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A little part of me can’t help but go ‘Squeeee!’ when I read a review like this about Dead and Kicking.  Click on the picture below to go to the review on Amazon, and please let them know if you thought the review was helpful.  It helps.

And also, I apologize. I really didn’t think of it as a cliffhanger.  I was thinking of it as more of a hook to the next book.  Honest.

Amazon review Nov 17

You’re on your own. Sorry.

My thoughts exactly (as I have mentioned here before), but Ana does a great job saying it again.

Ana Spoke, author

Let me start yet another controversy by saying:

Winning a writing competition or landing a traditional publisher is not a guarantee of author success.

Ok, ok, stop shooting! I know, those were my goals not long ago, and they are traditionally equated to striking gold and really “making it” as an author. And yes, winning a Pulitzer, perhaps, can make a difference. Or, you know, landing a million-dollar deal which gets you a ton of publicity. However, I now know the simple fact that publishers would invest very little into promoting your book, unless you are Stephen King.

Before we get into the argy-bargy of traditional vs self-publishing, let me illustrate my point with some evidence.

Exhibit A: Pitch Week

I just found out about this competition and I was actually going to write this post about it and encourage everyone to apply. Then I’d decided to check the current sales ratings of…

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Calling all Bloggers and Authors!

whitespacecrazycanuckbloghopwhitespaceRing in the New Year with your favourite Canadian author.  I’m helping to organize the Crazy Canuck New Year’s Blog Hop. We are currently looking for authors and bloggers to participate and host the hop.

Authors, don’t miss this chance for you to promote your work to new readers.

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All the details are here.  Sign up today!

Dead and Kicking – A Review and Interview by Chapter by Chapter

CbyC Review

whitespaceDead and Kicking by Lisa Emme was a read that had me chuckling pretty much throughout the whole book.  With a quirky main character and a gruff sexy homicide detective, and a world filled with supernatural beings to satisfy your craving, Dead and Kicking was a solid book 1 in The Harry Russo Diaries…

See the rest of the review and an interview on Chapter by Chapter.

Chapter by Chapter

Indie Author Q & A

S.I.A. – Support Indie Authors

Stop by the SIA page to check out the latest interview with Indie Author Mangalam Shiva. Mangalam is from India where he has retired to the quiet coastal town of Pondicherry. His anthology of short stories, Empty Fists, reflects on the different aspects of life faced by every individual – love, friendship, struggle, even loss.

Find out more in An Interview with Mangalam Shiva.