What Writers Owe Their Characters

I can totally relate to this article. I was possessed by Harry’s story and had to tell it. It was like an addiction that didn’t let up until I typed ‘The End’ on book three. Even now, there are bits and pieces of further adventures starting to gel in the recesses of my mind. When they are ready to get out, when they finally bubble to the surface, I will have no choice but to tell that story too.

Author: Helen Cox

DinerPhotograph: Eric Richards

I wasn’t planning on writing a fiction book when they came to me. It was 10.30 on an otherwise uneventful Thursday evening. I had curricula to plan. And several non-fiction projects on the boil. I didn’t have the head-space for anything else but Esther, Jack, Mona and Walt were not the kind of people to take no for an answer. Particularly Esther. Headstrong, acerbic and drier than the most remote corners of Tatooine, she was insistent I tell her story. For a few moments she may even have possessed me. I can’t think of any other reason I opened that clean Microsoft Word document and typed ‘Chapter One’ at the top of it.

Sighing, muttering that I should already be asleep, I listened to Esther. She told me about her life working at the Starlight Diner in New York. Two thousand words later I clicked ‘save as’, and labelled the…

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