The UPS Man Thinks I’m a Crazy Person


So yesterday was a pretty stellar day for me.  I held a printed copy of Dead and Kicking in my hands for the first time and I received my first official review (and it was fantastic).  While cradling that newly minted copy of my first ever published book in my hands was no where near what it felt like to hold my newborn son in my arms, it was a close second.

I fully admit I cried happy tears.

I also might have freaked out the UPS guy a little when I rushed to the door with a sharp utensil in my hand, ripped the package from his arms and tore it open, all while babbling at him, “No, wait you can’t go!  You have to see this!”

Once I managed to get through all the packing tape (hence the sharp utensil), I pulled out the proof copy of my book, danced a little happy dance, and showed it to the baffled UPS guy like I was Vanna White modelling the next prize on the Wheel of Fortune.

“THIS IS MY BOOK!”  I squealed at Mr. UPS like some sort of deranged lunatic.  “I WROTE THIS BOOK!!!”

You would think I would get some sort of reaction for my performance, but nope.  Obviously this sort of thing must happen all the time in the day in the life of a UPS delivery man because he just sort of shrugged and said “Okay” and walked back to his truck.  And it was more of a plodding, nonchalant walk, not a ‘careful we don’t want to spook the crazy lady’ one.

Geez, you think he could have at least pretended to be interested.  As it was, I had to wait a couple of hours before I could accost my neighbour across the street and show the book to her (thanks Gail for indulging me).

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