Happy Ground Hog Day!

Living where I do, in the middle of the Canadian prairies, Ground Hog day has always confused me. You see, where I live, winter is very long, counted in months, not weeks. At the beginning of February, we are usually still looking at a minimum of six more weeks of winter. At a minimum! So, when the local ground hog sees his shadow on February 2nd, I can never understand why that’s a bad thing. Where I live, only having six more weeks of winter at the beginning of February would be fantastic.  So really, either way, we win.  If he doesn’t see his shadow, early spring, yippee! If he does see his shadow, only six more weeks of winter equals early spring, yippee!

For the rest of you, living in warmer climes where six more weeks of winter would actually mean a longer winter, my condolences if the little varmint saw his shadow today.  Not to worry though, if he did, Harry’s BFF, Tess, has taken care of the problem.

Groundhog wolf


Well, certainly didn’t see this coming when I wrote my post a few days ago, but it seems ‘Winnipeg Willow’ the local rodent with aspirations of being a meteorologist passed away just days before Ground Hog Day.  Not really sure what that means for our winter, but I’m thinking if the ground hog dies, it can’t be a good thing.  Better start stocking up on books and hot chocolate!