Mind Reader

You don’t have to be clairvoyant to take a look into my thought process for Hell to Pay.

As our countdown to release day continues (just three weeks!), why not take a look at my Pinterest Hell to Pay Prop Gallery? I’ve pinned some of the clothes, props and other items relevant to Harry’s latest adventure there.


Don’t forget to check out the galleries for all of Harry’s other books as well as recipes for some of the delicious, decadent treats on offer at the Full Fat Coffee Company.


Prop Galleries

Did you know that I’m on Pinterest?

Did you ever wonder what some of the things I describe in my books look like?

Visit Pinterest and you can get a closer look and see.

What did the McQueen dress in Dead and Kicking look like? How about some of the planters Harry might put together for her shop, Contain Yourself? And we can’t forget all the yummy things Harry keeps pinning because she wants Isaac to make them. There’s even a Top Secret Board that will be revealed with the release of Deadlocked, the third book in the Harry Russo Diaries. They are all there to be found on Pinterest on one of my boards.

With Home Again about to come out, why not check out the Home Again Prop Gallery ? There’s a killer recipe there for Strawberry Cheesecake tarts.  Yum!


Do You Pin?

Have I mentioned I have a Pinterest account? I’ve created boards for the first two books in the Harry Russo Diaries as well as for my upcoming romantic suspense, Home Again.

There are sneak peeks, some of Harry’s wardrobe choices and other props. Want to know what kind of Harley Nash drives? What does the infamous McQueen dress look like?  There’s even a board for Harry’s store, Contain Yourself.  And let’s not forget some of Harry’s favourite recipes, or at least one’s she hopes to convince Isaac to try!

Stop on by and follow me. I’ll be adding new boards as the series progresses. Visit me on Pinterest!

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Join Me On Pinterest

Hey!  I’ve set up a Pinterest account for all things Harry Russo Diaries.  Come check it out Pinterest.com/LisaEmmeBooks/


I’ve pinned all sorts of great things related to Harry’s world and Dead and Kicking. In the future, I’ll set up boards for each new release.  I’m calling these boards ‘Prop Galleries’ because they have pictures of many of the accessories, vehicles, and outfits I needed in order to tell Harry’s story.

If you’ve read the book already, you’ll know that Harry loves to eat, so I’ve also created a Recipe board with some of Harry’s favourite foods and all the things Harry hopes Isaac will make for her.

There’s even a board for Harry’s store, Contain Yourself, where Harry pins ideas for creating gorgeous looking planters.