We Have a Winner



Congratulations to Leslee C. the first winner of a $25 Amazon gift certificate. Leslee was randomly selected from all the subscribers to my mailing list after the first one hundred new sign-ups mark was reached.  Leslee has been contacted and her gift certificate delivered.


Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time, I’ve reset the count and once I get another one hundred sign-ups, I’ll do another draw.

Remember, winners are randomly picked from ALL names on the list (so if you have already signed up, you’re automatically entered and you are eligible for every subsequent draw).

Subscribers to my mailing list get the news first.  They were the first to know about Tantor Media picking up Harry’s stories for audio and they will be the first to know the yet to be released name of Harry’s next book.

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Don’t Miss the News

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying your summer (for those in the northern hemisphere) or that your winter isn’t too harsh (yes, I’m talking to all my Aussie friends and everyone else in the southern hemisphere). My summer has gotten off to a busy start. First, there was my son’s grade 12 graduation and all that entailed, then I organized the Crazy Canuck Canada Day blog hop and finally there has been some book related activity that I want to tell you about, but can’t. Evil, aren’t I?

mwahaha raccoon

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