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Canada Day Blog HopThere’s just a couple days left for the Crazy Canuck Canada Day Blog Hop. Have you visited all the stops? Have you maximised your chances to win the Grand Prize? It’s an easy thing to do, just visit one of the stops and hop on board. Visit my original post and leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a paperback copy of Home Again, my contemporary romance.

PD Workman – Summer is Short on the Prairies Canadiana Prize Pack, including paperback copy of Questing for a Dream
Jessica Subject – a paperback copy of Alien Next Door – the Complete Series
Romarin Demetri – a copy of her debut novel, A Mirror Among Shattered Glass
Lisa Emme – a signed copy of Home Again
Nathan Burgoine – a copy of  his novel, Light
Kayleigh Malcolm – $20 CAD Amazon Gift Card
Cori Vidae – a paperback copy of Rough Edges

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So, what does it mean to be Canadian? Here’s an oldie, but goodie to help explain:


What a Girl Wants


Excerpt from Home Again

What did she really want?  More sex was the first thing that came to mind.  Oh man, sex with Mike had been incredible, and it wasn’t just because she had been having a particularly long dry spell.  Allie had spent the last week reliving their afternoon encounter, imagining his hands, his tongue, his – Allie blushed and busied herself behind the bar trying to think about something, anything else, but it was no use.  Her body ached to feel his touch again, but it was so much more than just the sex.  She found that she really missed him, being with him, seeing his twinkling, green eyes and his cheeky grin.  Allie Daniels, you are in so much trouble.

Home Again
by Lisa Emme

Get your copy today on Amazon. Or read for free on Kindle Unlimited!

More Sex

Mmmmm Strawberries


Excerpt from Home Again

Allie watched as Mike bit into the tart.  His eyes widened, then closed for a second or two as he savoured the sweet, creamy treat.  “Oh, wow.  This is so good.”  Mike grinned and licked the corner of his mouth to get a bit of strawberry topping that was stuck there, before taking another bite.  Allie stared, mesmerized by his sensual mouth.  When he paused to take a swig of his milk, his eyes grinning at her, Allie blinked and looked away, embarrassed at getting caught daydreaming.  It was just that even his mouth was sexy.  She rushed and took a bite of her own tart.

When she dared to look at Mike again, his grin widened.  “Uh, you’ve got a little something…” He gestured at the corner of his own mouth.

Allie licked her lips, smacking them together.  “That better?”

“No,” replied Mike.  With a frown, Allie reached up to wipe the corner of her mouth with her finger.  She moved to suck her finger clean when Mike grabbed her wrist.  Their eyes met and Mike smiled mischievously.  He guided her hand to his mouth and delicately sucked the tip of her strawberry covered finger, caressing it with his tongue.  Allie’s breath caught in her throat as a shiver ran down her spine.  “Delicious,” Mike said with a grin.  “The tart was good too.”

Home Again
by Lisa Emme

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

strawberry tarts

Check out my Pinterest board for props from Home Again and some great recipes using strawberries.

You Can Go Home Again

Home Again ebook

Excerpt from Home Again

“Oh, oh.  Don’t look now…” Becky cast a furtive glance across the bar.  “But that sexy cowboy has been watching you all night and now he’s heading over here.”

“What?”  Allie looked over to where Becky was now staring.  “Oh, that’s just Mike.”  She picked up a mug and started to dry it, trying to act casual.

Becky turned back to eye her suspiciously.  “Mike?”

“He’s the new vet working with Doc Mundy.”

“And?”  Becky drummed her fingers on the bar.

“And what?”  Allie tried her best to school her expression.  “He’s a nice guy.”

“A nice guy?  A nice guy?” Becky looked exasperated.  “That’s all you can say about that prime piece of beefsteak?”  She shook her head.  “Allie Daniels, you’re holding out on us.”  She glared at Allie suspiciously.

“I am not….now hush.  Here he comes.”

Home Again
by Lisa Emme

Available on Amazon. Read for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Get Laid

Home Again is Live!

Home Again

Home Again, my first foray into romance is now available.  I’m very excited to share this story with you.  So far, the reviews (like this one) have been great.  I hope you will check it out.

Don’t forget there are still a few days left to enter my Goodreads giveaway.

If you enjoyed the spicy read Home Again offers, just wait until you see my next offering.

From the Heart, the first book in The Yacht Club series, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.  It will also be available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Yacht Club Coming Soon-001

Two Great Giveaways!

So I have two things going on this month.  The first is that I’m happy to say my romantic suspense Home Again will be released on February 29th.  I’m really excited to get to share this book with you.  It is actually the first novel I ever wrote and it will always hold a place dear to my heart because of that.  Plus, it’s a great story with a sweet romance about second chances in love and family, some suspense and a whole lotta spice for those that enjoy reading steamy scenes.

To celebrate Home Again‘s release, I am running a Goodreads Giveaway all this month starting today.  Click to follow the link and enter!  There are three signed copies up for grabs.

GR giveaway image

My other great giveaway started on February 5th and runs until March 6th.  It’s organized by I Love Vampire Novels and there will be six winners in all.  First prize includes a $25 gift card for Amazon and a signed copy of Dead and Kicking.  There are also digital copies of Harry’s first book for the five lucky runner-ups.  Follow the link and enter today!


As always, everyone can win by just signing up for my newsletter.  Click here to subscribe and you will be given a sneak peek at the first chapter of Deadlocked – the Harry Russo Diaries, volume 3.

Deadlocked coming soon

Early Review for Home Again

I received a nice surprise today – an early review on an advance copy of Home Again that I had sent out.

Home AgainHome Again is contemporary romance/romantica (yes, it has SEX). It was actually the very first book I ever wrote. I wrote it for two reasons: 1. There was this idea in my head and it wouldn’t leave me alone, and 2. To prove to myself I could do it. Actually, there was a third reason. I decided if I was going to write a book, I’d want to get it published so I picked a genre in which the publishing companies were still accepting unsolicited manuscripts, that is, manuscripts directly from the author rather than from an agent. I’m not going to get into the whole traditional vs. indie debate right now. I think I’ve made it pretty clear where I currently stand on the issue.  I’m just very happy to have the opportunity to share this story with you.  Home Again will always be dear to my heart.

Click here to see the review on Kaleidoscope Heart Book Reviews.

Home Again is available now for preorder:

Barnes & Noble



Looking for a Steamy Romance?

So, you’ve seen me wearing my urban fantasy author hat, but did you know that I also write sweet and sexy romance? The first novel I ever finished was actually a romantica.

What’s that you ask? Romantica is a hybrid of the romance and erotica genres, providing satisfaction in more ways than one. You get the HEA (happily ever after) of a romance with the sexy, steamy, sometimes kinky scenes from erotica. In otherwords, it’s a lot of fun to read!

Home AgainI will be releasing Home Again, my first foray into this genre in March 2016.




The big news today though is that I have joined forces with a stellar mix of fellow Canadian romance authors to form the Kinky Canadian Romance Author and Book Fanatics group. Kind of a long name, but we simply call ourselves #KinkyCanadianReads.


Check out our group on Facebook and like our page to join in on the discussion of all things romance, with a Canadian flavour.

Time! I need more Time!

time_flies_wallpaper__yvt2whitespaceSo I thought I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to self-publish, but I really didn’t have a clue.  Where does the time go?  There is not enough time in the day to do everything I want to do.  Editing, cover design, marketing, social networking, website design, sales….the list goes on and on.

Did you notice the one thing missing?  WRITING!  I haven’t had a chance to sit and write in ages.  There’s a couple of stories brewing in my head – I don’t know which one will end up on paper next – but I barely have time to even think about writing, let alone sit down and do it.  I don’t know how other writers manage.  I am so glad that I already have Harry’s trilogy written because I would be feeling under the gun to get book two written otherwise.  Thankfully, I just need to finish the editing and Tooth and Claw will be ready to go well in advance of its January 5th release date.

I’m also working on the final edits for Home Again, a contemporary ‘romantica’.  Home Again was actually the first book I ever wrote but is just finally coming to print in February 2016.  I love the story and I’m really looking forward to sharing it.

So, my advice to you if you are thinking of self-publishing? If you know there will be a second book to follow your first, especially if you’ve left a cliffhanger, do yourself (and your readers) a favour and get it written first before you start down the road to self publishing. You’ll be glad you did.