Dead and Kicking Now Available!

lisaemme_deadandkicking_ebook_finalwhitespaceThe day has finally arrived!  It has been an exciting countdown (for me at least).  Thanks for being there with me.

If you don’t have your copy of Dead and Kicking yet, what are you waiting for?  It’s available for download from most major online retailers. If you prefer a print copy, it is available for purchase on Amazon, Createspace and now Chapters!

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Countdown to Dead and Kicking


Woo Hoo!  One! One day to the release of Dead and Kicking.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Do you have your copy ordered yet?

Ghosts play an important role in Harry’s story.  She can see and speak to them and often finds herself face to face with a reluctant spectre.  Here is a bit more information about ghosts and how they fit into Harry’s world.

ghostSpirits can linger after death.  They don’t necessarily have unfinished business; sometimes they just decide they don’t want to leave, or they get confused and just don’t ‘go into the light’.

Ghosts are electrical.  They require energy to exist usually absorbing it from their surroundings.  That’s why ghosts are more prevalent now than 50 years ago.  There is more electrical energy leaking into the atmosphere because of all our electronic devices.  A ghost’s ability to solidify can be enhanced by a medium’s ability to channel energy to the spirit.

stunA hand-held Taser is a great way to make a ghost temporarily dissipate.

To get rid of a ghost you need a medium to banish the spirit.  Some practitioners have intricate rituals but really you just need the ‘supernatural juice’ to do it – it doesn’t matter what you say or do, you just have to have the psychic push to dislodge them and send them on their way.

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