An Interview with April Wilson

Hi April! Thanks for joining us today.

Tell us a little about yourself.  What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?
AW: I’m a single mom with one teenage daughter, four dogs, and two cats. I have a master’s degree in education and another one in English, and I work at a college.  I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a child. I have stacks and stacks of manuscripts all over my house – most of which are garbage. 🙂 It dawned on me in July 2014 that the indie publishing market had really taken off, and that’s when I realized my time had come. I sat down that very day and started writing what turned out to be my first published novel – Vulnerable, which I self-published almost exactly one year later. Now I’m working on my second novel, and I have quite a few books on the drawing board. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

What do I do when I’m not writing? Honestly, there’s not much time that I’m not writing. I write every chance I get – seven days a week. I absolutely love to write. Since I work full-time outside the home, I try to get as much writing done as I can in the evenings and weekends. I take time out to play games with my daughter, visit my family, and watch The Walking Dead and Outlander. I’m also a voracious reader of romance novels.

Do you write in any other genres besides romance?  What draws you to romance?
AW: I write romance. I like almost all sub-genres of romance and plan to write books that fit in different sub-genres. I’m also planning a mystery-romance series – but at the heart of everything I write is romance. I’m just a romantic at heart. I love romance novels, romantic movies, everything romance. To me, romance is what makes the world go ‘round. Just think where we’d be if there was no such thing as romance – humans would probably be extinct already.

Where did your inspiration for Vulnerable come from?
AW: The inspiration for Vulnerable started with a scene that appears early in the book. The scene involves a young woman reading an anthology of spanking stories in a bookstore. She’s mortified when she hears a stranger – a man – say, “Do you like what you’re reading?” That’s it.  That little scene rattled around in my head literally for years, until July 4th, 2014, when I put it down on paper. The rest, as they say, is history. Out of that scene grew a 440-page contemporary romance novel that I’m very proud of.

Here are a few quick one-word answer questions:
Coffee or Tea?
Wine or Beer?
Cake or Pie?
Chocolate cake
Toilet paper roll Over or Under?
Burgers or Pizza?
I have to choose? Really? Pizza, if I must choose.

Do you have any advice to people when they say they want to write a book?
AW: Writing is a learned skill, and you learn it in two ways: write as much as you can and read as much as you can. Read other examples in your genre – both good examples and bad. From the good examples, you’ll learn what to do; from the bad examples, you’ll learn what not to do. Both are equally important. Once you’ve practiced and practiced until you’re blue in the face, write a compelling story that a lot of people will want to read; write it well, and make sure it’s edited and proofread by a skilled professional. Add a professionally designed book cover, and then publish it yourself. Don’t wait around for someone else to publish your book – if you do, you’re likely to wait a really long time. Life’s too short to wait that long.

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