If you have read the first two books in the Harry Russo Diaries, you know that Harry has had a busy couple of months. All she really wants now is for her life to settle down and get back to normal – or at least as normal as it can be for a witch that sees ghosts.

Her latest project is opening a coffee shop and she tries to immerse herself in the day-to-day work of getting the venture off the ground. Too bad her life just keeps getting in the way of her plans.

Excerpt from Deadlocked:

On the night after the fourth body had been found, Tess and I were hard at work weeding through the ever growing stack of résumés.   It seemed like every werewolf in the city had decided they needed a job in the new shop and so I had recruited Tess to help go through them all.  Not knowing what to expect in terms of actual customers, I decided to hire two people to start.  Mrs. P would continue to operate the flower shop as usual, but now that Tiffy’s social skills had improved, she would move over to provide daytime help in the coffee shop.  I figured at first, we’d make sure to always have two people in the shop at any given time.  Judging from the applications I had, I didn’t think it would be a problem to hire someone else if customer traffic warranted it.

HildeWe were in the process of winnowing down the list to our top five applicants in order to set up some interviews when my ‘spidey-sense’ vampire detector went off.  I turned to look at the door just as it swung open, the little bell above it chiming quietly.  For a minute, I thought my sixth sense must be on the fritz because standing in the doorway appeared to be a slight, young girl of about sixteen or seventeen.  She was dressed in skinny jeans with the knees worn out, tennis shoes and a black hoodie.  Her hair, which was dyed a fiery red, was pulled back in a ponytail and for the most part hidden under a frayed, army style cap.   She could easily pass for just about any teenager in the neighbourhood.  That is until she turned and met my eyes.


Deadlocked is available for pre-order now. Release date: June 6, 2016

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What a Girl Wants


Excerpt from Home Again

What did she really want?  More sex was the first thing that came to mind.  Oh man, sex with Mike had been incredible, and it wasn’t just because she had been having a particularly long dry spell.  Allie had spent the last week reliving their afternoon encounter, imagining his hands, his tongue, his – Allie blushed and busied herself behind the bar trying to think about something, anything else, but it was no use.  Her body ached to feel his touch again, but it was so much more than just the sex.  She found that she really missed him, being with him, seeing his twinkling, green eyes and his cheeky grin.  Allie Daniels, you are in so much trouble.

Home Again
by Lisa Emme

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Mmmmm Strawberries


Excerpt from Home Again

Allie watched as Mike bit into the tart.  His eyes widened, then closed for a second or two as he savoured the sweet, creamy treat.  “Oh, wow.  This is so good.”  Mike grinned and licked the corner of his mouth to get a bit of strawberry topping that was stuck there, before taking another bite.  Allie stared, mesmerized by his sensual mouth.  When he paused to take a swig of his milk, his eyes grinning at her, Allie blinked and looked away, embarrassed at getting caught daydreaming.  It was just that even his mouth was sexy.  She rushed and took a bite of her own tart.

When she dared to look at Mike again, his grin widened.  “Uh, you’ve got a little something…” He gestured at the corner of his own mouth.

Allie licked her lips, smacking them together.  “That better?”

“No,” replied Mike.  With a frown, Allie reached up to wipe the corner of her mouth with her finger.  She moved to suck her finger clean when Mike grabbed her wrist.  Their eyes met and Mike smiled mischievously.  He guided her hand to his mouth and delicately sucked the tip of her strawberry covered finger, caressing it with his tongue.  Allie’s breath caught in her throat as a shiver ran down her spine.  “Delicious,” Mike said with a grin.  “The tart was good too.”

Home Again
by Lisa Emme

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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Two Great Giveaways!

So I have two things going on this month.  The first is that I’m happy to say my romantic suspense Home Again will be released on February 29th.  I’m really excited to get to share this book with you.  It is actually the first novel I ever wrote and it will always hold a place dear to my heart because of that.  Plus, it’s a great story with a sweet romance about second chances in love and family, some suspense and a whole lotta spice for those that enjoy reading steamy scenes.

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What’s Next? Kobo Next!

Marketing your own book is hard, especially when you really don’t know what you are doing. I’ve experimented with a few things. Some were moderate hits, most misses. The next big thing is Kobo Next and starting today, Dead and Kicking is being promoted by Kobo as “your next must-read”.

I was very excited to get accepted into the Kobo Next program. Kobo Next is a curated list, as selected by merchandisers, of some of the best titles available on Kobo. For the next two weeks Dead and Kicking will be promoted by Kobo, displayed on the main page for at least one week and remain in the carousel of featured books for the next several weeks. Kobo presents these titles as “hidden gems that are poised to become the next big thing…” and they promote them throughout the month in various banners and emails. Hopefully this will get Harry’s series some much needed exposure on Kobo. Perfect timing with Tooth and Claw coming out in a little over a week.

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