Fun Friday

There seems to be a bit of theme this week…

Thor is a jerk


That’s going to be some YouTube video. Does that last bit with the scissors mean what I think it means?


Fun Friday

So, I joined Twitter a while ago (follow me! @LisaEmmeBooks) and I have to say, it can be rather entertaining.  It can also be a complete time waster, so you have to be careful.  I’m using an approach where you only spend six minutes at a time.

Anyway, what I was really posting about is how I’ve found lots of fun profiles to follow.  A couple of my favourites belong to Kevin Hearne, author of the Iron Druid Chronicles (an urban fantasy series I highly recommend).  Hearne has created accounts for two of the characters from his books, Oberon, a talking Irish Wolfhound and Owen, a druid from ancient Britain that was asleep for a thousand years and has woken up now in the 21st Century.  Needless to say, he’s suffering a bit of culture shock.  Owen and Oberon often have some very fun banter.  Happy Friday!


oberon cracks me up

Fun Friday

This made me laugh this morning and since it is that time of year when everyone is out frantically holiday shopping, I thought I’d pass along this helpful guide for buying toys for the kids on your list.  Enjoy!

toy guide

Fun Friday

My mother won’t want to hear this, on the other hand, I know she won’t be shocked either, but I drop the occasional F-bomb. I use them in my writing sometimes as well, when appropriate for the character.  This just sort of gives me a feeling of validation.  Plus I got a head start on Helen Mirren!