Traditional Publishing – Why I’m Not Going There

There was a time when I thought I needed to be published traditionally.  That I would only feel that I had ‘made it’ as an author if my book was published by a mainstream publisher.  I thought I needed that validation.

These days, I feel like I should write a thank you letter to the publisher that sent me my very first (and only) rejection letter.  I was totally expecting it.  I knew that I would have to ‘pay my dues’ before getting that elusive book contract, but the more I researched and read on the topic of getting published, the more ridiculous it all seemed.  The submission process of most of the traditional publishers is a writer’s nightmare.  That’s if you can even find one that is accepting unsolicited manuscripts (i.e. submitted directly rather than through an agent).   And for what?  If you do happen to get an offer, the pittance you will earn in royalties is an insult to all your hard work.



I don’t need a traditional publisher to give me validation.  I’m going to let my books speak for themselves (although that doesn’t mean I won’t be busy trying to learn everything I can about marketing them) and the only validation I need will come from my readers.

If you are on the fence about whether you should self-publish, this article  by guest writer Ann Voss Peterson on JA Konrath’s blog may just help you to jump down on the side of indies.

6 thoughts on “Traditional Publishing – Why I’m Not Going There

  1. Years and years ago, I wanted to write a book, but traditional publishing scared me off – all the hoops to jump through, the rejection, the constant feeling that I wasn’t good enough. Instead I shelved my dreams. Self-publishing changed all that and I’m so grateful it’s available. With four books behind my name, I’ve done what I thought wasn’t possible. 🙂

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    • Me too. I’m so glad that self-publishing is now an option. After I wrote my first book a few years ago (that I will be self-publishing next spring), I was intimidated by the whole submission process. Not to mention how time consuming it was. I’d rather just spend my time writing!

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  2. I went the traditional publishing route, and after 6 books, switched to self-publishing for the greater control over timing and pricing, which increased promotional options. As long as we invest in getting the best possible work out there, there is no reason to trad publish. My two cents. 😀


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